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An awesome friend who wants someone to love him but no one will he has a large heart but his body isn't in the greatest shape girls don't want him because of his looks he is awesome
by NIK June 20, 2017
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Breasticle - A breasticle is a "saggy and hairy scrotum like breast."
I have breasticles...
Dude, that girls got breasticles.
Ouch you kicked my breastcle.
by NIK April 10, 2004
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n. a fucking gay ass south jersey metal band with no singer. haha, rob thinks you guys are faggots. dave knows about 3 chords, jared knows 2 time signatures, and they all fuck eachother at band practice. god they are gay. i would rather listen to a fat black man having an orgasim than listen to them for two seconds.
oh shit, dude, we suck, lets just give up playing instruments and never make fun of fallen rebel for being better than us ever again...thank you, goodnight
by NIK October 25, 2004
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possibli da most borin game eva created.it has no point but to kill lil snail n mushrooms, like they can't even hurt u. u cant do shit in da gayme; wutt is da point?.....
1)wutt so good about 'maple story?'
2)stupid dik u think ur so good cuz ur killin mushroomz!
3)wuttz the point ov hakin if the gaymez so borin..?
by NIK January 12, 2005
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What it usualy says before a search box on a dictionary website (on the other side from the search button)
look up and you'll see "Look up" i.e., it's at teh top of this page...
by NIK January 19, 2004
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A vaguely defined term from the Latin word Poganus meaning countryman that has become an umbrella term for a group of reconstructed pre-Christian beliefs systems which are often nature centred. Followers of these belief systems share a wide variety of beliefs as these beliefs systems tend not to be formally structured and very focused on individual spirituality. Their beliefs can be polytheistic, animistic, pantheistic, monotheistic, bitheistic, nontheistic or a mixture of the former. Alternatively and less confusingly the term Neopagan can be used as the term has also been used for centuries as a derogotory term for any non-Abramic belief system.
Religions that have come to be considered (neo)pagan include; Wicca, Shamanism, Astatru(thought Asatruars seem to prefer the term Heathen) and, Druidism.
by NIK March 25, 2005
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