Come my way that my shit that's my way do it like that and I repay it don't be scared I ain't afraid Just Like that come my way
by Jacob UwU March 3, 2021
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A large loud black man ejactulating on a small white girl in a cheaply made porno video
Mhmmhm ahh babe damn (slaps ass) Just like that!
by True advice May 20, 2015
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When your built DIFFERENT
When you a different BREED
Basically when your better at something than the average person is
Bill: How did you clutch that 1v5 with just a fucking knife?
Jordan: I'm just like that
by Avatar Relief February 24, 2021
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1. To be a player.
2. To be cool.
3. To have the latest gadgets.

Sourced from the T-Mobile commercials featuring the Jimmy character in his red, monogrammed bathrobe.
Jackie: That white boy Daniel is a cool as the other side of my pillow.
Erika: For Realz! He's just like Jimmy.
by Locker August 17, 2007
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1.term a woman uses, when receiving oral sex, to direct a man to continue exactly what he is doing with his tongue at that moment, in order for her to orgasm.

2. point in time when a man usually gets over-aroused and begins to go left, up, over, down, faster, etc. in response to hearing this term.

3. sometimes preceeds the moment when when a woman turns lesbian or bi-sexual.

4. Same place, same pace and exactly the same.
"I wish he knew what I meant when I said "Right There, Just Like That!"
by Miss Me I Am Am I August 23, 2009
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just like all of the other stupid jerks people call men or boys
your just like the chase!i cant stand you!
by Melany torez December 11, 2010
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