Spanish word that means: Let's go! Can also be used with a question mark: Vamos?
Which means: Shall we go?
person 1: I'm done here.
person 2: Me too
person 1: okay, vamos!
by Tha Brassman June 7, 2007
when you're excited, you start to say this when you are about to finish something
"OMG, I'm about to finish Astral Divinity. Spam 'VAMOS' in the chat."
by [GD] CycloneDasher February 23, 2020
Acronym for "Views are my own." Used to save characters in your Twitter bio, or other social profiles.
Bio: Social Media Strategist at Social Media Land. Foodie, movie lover, fashionista. *LIVE*LOVE*LAUGH* Don't be talk about it, be about it. VAMO.
by karaeclark May 26, 2015
A manly and emotional act in which two men will put on a maid dress and devil horns respectively and dance along to ananconda by Nicki Minaj.
"did you hear about this dude named michael? he used to vamo da cycle."

"when technoblade and wilbur soot get together, you know that some motorcycles are gonna be vamo'd"
by ladlevi October 27, 2020
vamos a la playa means lets go to the beach. it is commonly used for no reason.
*shopper in store*
Do you guys sell Plywood?
Vamos a la playa!!

My doctor said I have testicular cancer.

in spanish it means we go now,(or today) boy
well the example is in the actual word but whatever...when in a hurry a spanish speaking person would say "vamos ahora, muchacho(a)!"
by naylita December 19, 2006