You don't have to believe in a certain deity. You don't have to subscribe to a religion or attend group ceremonies. You don't have to believe in one thing and stick to it.

You can be atheist, agnostic, agnostic theist, agnostic atheist, a devout Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, ANYTHING.

If you believe that all things/beings are connected in some way, that the cosmos manifest the pattern of life, that science, truth, and openness to possibilities are essential, that there is something more to animals than physical mass and that love is a force that we to this day don't know everything about but live in awe of what life has to offer, you are spiritual.

People will always try to tell you to pick a team. To cut the bullshit and stop saying your spiritual. Those people can also kiss your ass. And when they question your beliefs and intelligence, simply give them the okay to do so.
by TheAnalyzer55 November 18, 2011
1. Belief in the spirit, soul, often as it relates to religious, sacred, or otherwise noncorporeal matters. A little metaphysics and philosophy are peripherally related as well, as its purpose is to give us perspective on life and what to do with it.

2. The application of any sort of philosophy, however defined, regardless of whether the person in question has any spiritual beliefs or not. This use of the word is so vague that it can be redefined to mean anything, even something that is completely materialistic.
I'm sorry, "belief in the laws of science" is not spirituality. "Realising your own inner divinity" is not spirituality. "Being nice to people" is not spirituality. If you have no spiritual beliefs, you are not spiritual, simple as that.

Of course, one shouldn't be afraid to call oneself and atheist or agnostic. It doesn't mean you are shallow, immoral, closed-minded, intellectually dishonest, or anything of that sort.
by Killing Kittens November 17, 2005
Umbrella term for non-specific belief system held by people who like to re-interpret their intellectual undernourishment as meaning they are instead party to some special secret or higher knowledge, moral outlook, belief system or behaviour than other people en masse. Often found positioned very close in the psyche of such holders close to other faintly grasped terms like "enlightenment", "awareness", "ignorance", "confusion", "awakened" and "delusion" what makes such people so maddening is their collective conviction that they posses all these attributes in abundance, whilst in practice displaying considerably less of each than the self-same people they claim these qualities make them superior than.
So, what is your position on the Christians versus atheists debate?
Oh, I believe in spirituality
by Jonny Random June 30, 2011
Spirituality is the belief that there is a god or higher power, but one does not know who that higher power is. People who believe in spirituality tend to realize there are numerous religions in the world and feel as though they have no right to say one religion is right and another is wrong, when there is no actual proof any, except that some human a long time ago wrote something down. Spiritual people still pray, meditate, etc because they believe there is a higher power and do not believe we are all alive on this earth due to coincidence. They are very open-minded, and strive to be good people.
John: What religion are you?

Jane: I am not religious, I am spiritual (spirituality), because I do not feel that I have the right to say that Christians are correct and Buddhists are wrong when I do not know who is right or wrong. I pray to a higher power.
by Jane Doe 123 October 13, 2011
Spiritualism is the belief that after death we continue as a spirit.
Jhon: I'm a spiritualist, what are you?
Joey: What is spiritualism?
Jhon: Belief that after death we continue as a spirit
by Religion May 8, 2016
An energy having the nature of spirit; not material.

Spiritual energy includes auras, angels, spirits, etheric beings, astral travel, God, etc.
by RyanTheGod September 7, 2007
A term used to describe supernatural beliefs too vague, unintelligible or otherwise half-baked to be clearly articulated.
Sarah: "I'm spiritual, not religious."
John: "What does that even mean?"
by student_moses July 15, 2017