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no girl should know the definition raw dog let alone use it in a phrase.
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-"my nigga decided to raw dog that ho and got that bitch pregnant"
-"lucky nigga didnt get the <i>clap</I>"

_"you gonna raw dog that ho tonight"
_"yeah im gonna be up in those guts"
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inserting the penis passed the labia into the vagina without the use of a proper contraceptive device
Man#1: So how was last night?
Man#2: Wonderful!! Leanne sure loves that raw doggy!
by lalalasex March 9, 2010
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a clean, condomless, steamy, piping hot dick ready to fuck a bitch
woman: oh my god just put it in me!!!
man: i cant i seem to be lacking a condom
woman: i dont care! put it in raw dog!!
by chrisbesteadypimpin November 18, 2009
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aw damn baby i got rubber burn fuck it lets raw dog this shit
by jazzy666 January 14, 2022
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v. making direct contact with a public toilet.
They were out of sanitation wraps so I had to raw dog the toilet.
by Taipei Dangerous June 14, 2012
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