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Straightedge. It has the same basic principle (no drink, no drugs, no fuck) for all followers, but each person makes it their own. Some examples: some sXe people choose to be vegans or vegetarians, abstain from caffeine, save sex for marriage (as opposed to a serious, committed relationship). Straightedge has NOTHING to do with violence (in fact, most straightedgers discourage it) or religion (that's a personal belief). Some people say that taking medications is not straightedge, however, others will argue that sXe is all about taking care of yourself, and refusing legitimate medications is counter-productive to the general ideology.
Straightedge is a way to find unity with peers who have the same drug-free ideas as you, and many aspects differ from person to person.
by Annah June 30, 2004
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sXe is an abreviation of straight edge, which, in short, means that you abstain from abusing drugs, alcohol and tobacco, from promiscuous sex and from anythign else that poisons your body.

it is NOT an abreviation of sexy.
randomscreenanme: you wanna come smoke with me and my friends?
straightedgekid: hell no, im sXe.
by jeannie December 28, 2003
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something which is not to be taken lightly or as a trend. a personal descision to abstain from drink, drugs, and illicit sex. brought into being by ian mckay. true edgers do not ridicule those who havent chosen the same lifestyle, its their choice, and its theirs alone to follow.
would you like a drink?
sorry man, im straightedge.
by yamuna March 12, 2004
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sxe is abbreviation for straightedge, which is also symbolized by X and XXX.

Minor Threat started straightedge in late 80's because of the self-hatred and the over-use of drugs.

The bartenders were told to put X's on minor's hands so that they could not drink. Straightedge kids picked up this idea and marked X's on their hand so people would know they don't drink.

straightedge is a philosophy against: drugs (caffeine, medicine, anything illegal.) drinking (alcohol, caffeine.) smoking (any form of tobacco.)

Some people include veganism, some include not having a religion saying god is a poison. Some people don't have sex until marriage or until a long-term commited relationship.

Straightedge is a way of life, not just a trend.
It has morals, it has beliefs, it is a philosophy that has grown into a movement.
I am straightedge.. and proud of it.
Don't offer me drugs, drinks, or tobacco.
sxe is the way for me!
by xxxedge March 04, 2006
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The Straight-Edge movement; a way of life. In a nutshell, don't drink, don't smoke, don't fuck. It's a way of respecting yourself and others.
Symbolized by Xs.
SXE is a way of life. If I ever lose my edge, it'll be over.
by crucifiedhavok28 February 26, 2004
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sXe is short for straight edge. This means that you dont smoke, do drugs, or drink. sXe is a lifetime commitment, not just until you're of age. It also often means that the person says not to promiscuity and perverted forms of sex.
by Anonymous May 29, 2003
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Short for "Straight-Edge." Chosing. lead a life free of drinking, smoking, drugs, and casual sex.
Not to be confused with, "Hate-Edge," or, "Nazi-sXe," which is hating, or even commiting acts of violence against those who do not share the same sXe views.
Hate-Edge kids suck.
So do scene fucking posers who claim Edge, but don't commit to it.
Straight Edge is not a trend, or a temporary thing. It is a long lasting, usually life-long, commitment.

Another common misconception of Straight-Edge, is that it is tied to the Christian religion, which is not true. It has absolutely no connection to any religion of any kind.
It is simply a choice of lifestyle. It's not a weakness, nor is it a strength.
A true edger will respect all people, whether they are sXe or not.
Not-sXe-Kid: Wanna beer?
sXe-Kid: No thanks.
Not-sXe-Kid: Ok.
Not-sXe-Kid: Wanna beer?
Nazi-sXe-Kid: FUCK YOU!!!
Not-sXe-Kid: Wanna beer?
Scene-Poser-Asshole: Sure! I'm not really Edge! I just think it makes me look cool!

by TyMan241 February 05, 2007
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