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One of three playable races in the game Starcraft by Blizzard Entertainment. They're the opposites of the scale compared to the Zerg. The Protoss are a stoic, psionically enhanced species which represent what we would know as the pinnacle of evolution. They are few in number, but each unit is incredibly powerful. One of the favorite units of Protoss enthousiasts is the Archon.

"Protoss" means "The Firstborn". In the storyline behind the game, they are the first creation of the Xel'Naga, a most likely extinct species which was obsessed with creating the ultimate lifeform.

The Protoss represent the purity of form. The Zerg represent the purity of essence.
The Protoss's worst enemy is the Terran's EMP Shockwave.

I am Protoss. I am complete. The Conclave will overcome. Hail Tassadar.
by Grey December 20, 2004
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Means first born in Greek

Also a cool race in Starcraft
Billy : I like to play Protoss in Starcraft.
Fred : I prefer Zerg.
Billy : Well, my Dark Templar will kick your Zerg ground units any day.

Fred : Well, I would show you who's ground units would be kicked.

Billy: You would bet on that?
by violingeek August 03, 2011
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One of the playable races in Starcraft: Brood War and Starcraft 2.

Protoss units are the strongest of all races, but are the most expensive so they often get outnumbered.

Due to the ease of controlling less units, having stronger units, the versatility of photon cannons, and building warping, Protoss is considered as the "noob-friendly" race and it's the most overplayed race in online Starcraft.

Yet in competitive level Starcraft, Protoss is considered as the weakest race since with greater multitasking and tactics involved amongst competitive Starcraft, Zerg and Terran players trump Protoss ones.
Characteristics of 90% of protoss players (Both SC1 and SC2)
-Cannon Rush you with the scouting probe
-Proxy gate you
-Double gate and zealot rush you
-Turtle in his base with mass cannons and tech to carriers

Player A: Man I keep losing in ICCUP as Zerg, what can I do to boost my record?
Player B: Play Protoss for easy wins!
by biarecare August 18, 2010
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The StarCraft race used by pussies who can't win with Terrans.

"Whimper! Nasty Terrans! Quickly, my brethern! Cower behind our shields!"
by Merlin September 17, 2004
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A noob who through luck and unfair advantages manages to acheive higher than their means. This person usually has an unhealthy ego and dislikes it when you point out their lack of genuine talent and/or skill. Originates from a person who abuses the overpowered Protoss race for cheap wins in the computer game Starcraft II
col.Cruncher a good example of a Protoss. So is Liquid'HuK
by ZergOvermind2112 April 27, 2011
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the seemingly powerful race in starcraft that dies to the weak looking zerg race in lost temple almost every single time.
my protoss cannons wont attack the lurkers uphill!
by clark January 20, 2004
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