When you comment or like a Facebook post in order to receive information about the certain topic. As others comment or like you will be updated via notifications as to gain "vision" about what you are interested in.
When I want to know more about a certain Facebook post, I post ward.
by Nam4everyone February 26, 2017
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Don't mess with Ward.
by XbiggerthanyouX November 12, 2018
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I caring person with lots of love to give. He’s a very good listener and will be happy to help a friend with their problems. He’s outgoing but keeps most things to himself. He is every girl’s best friend🥰
Ward is a turd but we love him
by Zoe Sanford August 18, 2019
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That place which, if Boulder County, Colorado were to recieve an enema, it would be inserted.
"That Ward place sure is a slum, what a shame too."
by Tacoist June 28, 2004
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An adjective describing someone who is completely fucking insane.
"That guy isn't rubber room quality, he's the entire fucking ward!"
by DIMECORE February 28, 2017
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A person who is a mess. Always says they're going to be more responsible but we all know how it turns out. Cannot keep a secret. Loves giving hair advice with no experience. Asks for the homework 2 minutes before class. Always gives friends answers. Smart but pretends not to be. Alright ur cool bye.
Ward asked for my homework today.
by Frootloopz November 13, 2019
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