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a lazy, workshy tosser who would rather let his friends pay for everything than put his hand in his own pocket
yo morto its your round!
gotta go guys, some munter with DSL wants me to give her a hot beef injection
by ivor biggun February 20, 2004
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Somebody who frequently benefits from the generosity of others, but never returns the favor.
"Jerry's been living with me for a week, sleeping on my couch, watching my DVDs, eating my food, borrowing my car, and using my internet all day long instead of looking for a job. And so far he hasn't even offered to pay for gas or cook a meal or anything. What a sponge."
by You Can't Kill the Metal September 05, 2007
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Another name for boobs. Mostly used to describe ones tits.
oh man, her sponges are so soft.
by Wallofsponges November 24, 2016
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if someone is shot a dozen times in an online game but doesn't die. He is called a sponge.

comes form the absorbing powers sponges have.
WTF he's a fucking sponge!
by Dirk6 June 28, 2005
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A stingy prick who likes nothing more than to benefit from the generosity of his god-like friends.
Lewis: Hey man, where's michael? I haven't seen him all night.

Spencer: Ahhh Lew, he's being a sponge, trying to soak up some of Rory's jagermeister...

Lewis: *sighs* Typical Michael, typical sponge...
by StingRayEnock January 10, 2012
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A band that followed in the wake of the Grunge era. Sponge is a band out of Detroit that is still around today but is hardly noticed, with band members switching all the time, the only permanent member seems to be the frontman Vinnie Dombroski. They generated some buzz with their 1993 hits "Plowed" and "Molly (Sixteen Candles)" but soon went back underground for the most part.

With that aside, they probably deserve more attention than they are getting, because they've made some amazing tunes. Overall, a band I'm glad I discovered.
by Mr. Gill June 23, 2006
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1. Birth control device.
2. Soaking device containing a wiping side and a soaking side for cleaning dishes.
1. This tuna tastes like a sponge.
2. This tuna tastes like a sponge, and not the kind of sponge that soaks up water and grime, but rather the kind that soaks up semen.
by El Barto June 13, 2004
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