8 definitions by Memestealingwhore

The act of being memeingful with the memes you make. Being memetastic is a trait that is really hard to achieve. Don't say you're memetastic if you make undank memes! Make memes great again.
Alexios: Anjali is so memetastic!

Jill: IKR! I'm not memetastic because I make shitty joker memes.

Alexios: you're just a meme stealing WHORe!
by Memestealingwhore October 10, 2016
The trait of not having a jawline. Your fat face droops down and makes it look like you're just a large blob of spray tan and toupes.
Angie: OMG that girl Sidney totally has a trumpline !

Sierra: TRUE
by Memestealingwhore October 10, 2016
Typically a red head with a shitty af family. She's a total hoe but you can't stay mad at her. ALL OF THE 12 YEAR OLDS WANT TO BANG HER. Her Harry Potter sign is SLYTHERIN and her horoscope is cancer because she legit gives everyone cancer with her whorish memes. She upsets the government by not saying hello.
by Memestealingwhore October 9, 2016
When something that Hilary Clinton says is suxh bs that it's hilarious.
When Hilary vote for the war in Iraq it was hilaryous.
by Memestealingwhore October 10, 2016
The action of sexually assaulting married women and than saying that you respect women.
by Memestealingwhore October 10, 2016
You, you, and have I mentioned.... YOU
Child: Whats a failure mommy?

Mother: You are Timmy!

Child: Oh... so failure is another word for republican?
by Memestealingwhore December 19, 2016