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a term used in RTS game; Company of Heroes where players make large amounts of infantry and move all of them in one flank
Dude 1: fuck that PE (Panzer Elite) noob is blobbing PG's (Panzergrenadiers)

Dude 2: Bring out the MG or 105 arty

Noob: fuck they killed my blob, fuckin cheaters
by yrba1 April 12, 2009
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What you call a big fat guy named BOB.
Blob should pay more then us for the pizzas because he eats two pizzas all by himself.
by the howboucha guy March 06, 2008
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A blob is a basic last option bae when it's coming to the end of the night and u want a quick fuck
As ksi said in laid in America "tamatha is a complete blob"
by ANDHISNAMEISJOHNCENA1234 September 16, 2016
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BLOB is an acronym for Binary Large OBject. It is a data type used for storing large binary information in the database. Typically BLOBs are images, audio or other multimedia objects...
Geek Girl: I need to store videos in my database. What data type should I use?

Geek Boy: use BLOB, it is great for storing large files like that.
by Kalamelka September 09, 2006
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1-n-a person who is fat
2-n-the actual fat on a person's body
3-v-to do nothing of importance; hang around
4-v-to be PMSing
1-that blob got in the way of our basketball game!
2-eytan's blob shook as he walked
3-sara and i just blobbed around all day
4-she's blobbing today. be careful
by Shane O' June 05, 2005
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Basic.Last.Option.Bae: a guy/girl that you would never have sex with,but when the night is coming to an end, you start to consider that person
Guy 1: The Party is almost over and I still haven't had sex yet!
Guy 2: Just do it with "Girl 1" she's a complete B.L.O.B
via giphy
by Jrizzy Jrake August 24, 2016
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