She's a very cute girl who love to have fun, she likes to eat out with friends, is usually very friendly unless you piss her off, has a perfect smile and beautiful hair, she can dance really good and likes to play sports. She is very beautiful and smart, one of the best people you can ever meet, she is funny and also very kind and sweet. If you ever meet a cute girl called Hilary be nice to her and smile.
Person 1: i just met the cutest girl

Person 2: what's her name

Person 1: Hilary! she is funty!
by IPutDAteamOnMaBACKDoe July 20, 2011
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Hilary is the one girl every guy thinks of at least one point in there life, she is the girl guys dream of while they are with there girlfriend and she is the most beautiful girl on earth, she’s the one you’d do anything for, the one that will always worry about you and care for you, she’s the one that you wish you could marry, she’s the one you’ll fall in love with at first glance just to find out she’s everything you wanted and more, she’s outright gorgeous!
Hilary is all i want!
by Lil buttwipe July 8, 2018
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A really mysterious girl.Is filled with secrets but is really nice and funny.Most likely to become a bussniess women one day.
Hey look at Hilary.Shes's super nice!
by Ningamations October 14, 2018
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Hilary is a girl who is quiet. When you actually get to know her she's very loud and could be your best friend. She is the best friend ever ok. Just don't get on her bad side or else you'll get your ass kicked by her. Also, she's very um not lazy like me and does her homework before me and I always do it the day before it's due. *COUGH* she likes to play games and her best of best friends is ME AMY!!!! ok bye.
Hilary is that bitch you would want to be friends with.
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It means smart, sexy, georgeous, loving, protective, kind, nurturing, always there for you when you need them type of friend. Also she is an amazing dancer, and once she trusts you, she will blow you out of the water with her dancing.
Jeff "woah dude, look at that girl dance.....who is she????"
Mark"thats Hilary..."
by purtycrazybird91 December 6, 2010
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A small red haired dwarf living in the amazon. Prone to epilpitic seizures.
by Gopshop September 3, 2008
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A person who likes to lie about the most random things, keep their phone away from others and flinches from a person holding a phone facing her
Person 1: Can I borrow your phone?
Hilary: NO! You're not touching my phone!

Person 2 holding phone at angle facing Hilary, she flinches away from it. "Stop pointing that at me!"
by notahilary August 17, 2011
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