Sierra is a really gorgeous person inside and out and will always be there for you. She's insecure and shy but once you get to know her, she'll surprise you with her energy and vibe. She's the absolute cutest and is super smart. If you were to get to know a Sierra, try to keep her in your life. You might even want to marry her.

She doesn't date a lot and probably has a bad experience with having a relationship but if you show her that you genuinely care and love her, she'll probably date you. She has really bad trust issues so try to get to know her so she'll trust you. She's a fragile and precious person that doesn't deserve anything bad so if you know a Sierra, be careful with her.

Sierra likes you for you and won't ever betray or backstab you. You can trust her. She's the best person to talk to at night for those late night "in your feelings" talk. She can read people very well and if you're not careful, you'll fall in love with her. A Sierra's usually depressed but will deny it. Do not forget about how she feels, and keep on asking how she is. This will show to her that you care about her and her well-being.

She's usually a really soft person with hard outer shell from past experience(s) but if you're able to get through her thick skin, you're set for life. The probability of a Sierra being successful in life is actually really high because of their high intelligence and logic. Hang on to a Sierra. You won't regret it.
Guy: Dang man, I think I'm in love with Sierra.
Guy 2: Dang, you too?
Guy: Yeah.
Guy 2: She's perfect.
Guy: True.
by lmao69420blazethatshit August 10, 2020
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Sierra's the type of girl that brings the best out of you, she's the best thing that could ever happen to someone, she's beautiful , amazing , and a bestfriend when you need her. She's a all out Great Person that deserves the best and needs to be treated like a Princess.
Boy 1: I Need Someone Special In My Life

Boy 2: Then You Need A Sierra
by AyoZipp November 5, 2012
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Extremely beautiful, smart, and elegant. Sierra is the type of person to never give up. She'll hold her head up high even in her darkest hours and will help you even if she's hurting. She usually has a natural sparkle that never dies.
"That girl helped me through a lot."
"That girl is a Sierra."
by Speak to the Trees December 20, 2016
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A sexy, Sweet, Beautiful, Gorgeous, bi-racial, Loving girl that is known as the best dancer and a ride or die kind of girl. Super outgoing, Its impossible not to love her or want her she irresistible! If she gives you the chance too win her heart definitely keep it and don't ruin it.Every man wants her, while she only has eye for one person. Sierra will put up with a lot but one day will get up and leave out of the blue so watch out, her loyalty runs so deep so dont mess that up. If you are left by a Sierra it WILL be the biggest mistake and you WILL realize it. Sierra's are gorgeous inside and out. Sierra has the greatest advice and the most amazing heart. Sierra is real and most of the time NEVER fake she knows how to stick up for her self and the people she loves. Beware if you don't think she's gorgeous then you'll fall for her personality. If a Sierra is hated its over jealousy. Shes so funny and you love surrounding yourself around her. She can brighten your days and is the friend everyone goes too. When motherhood hits she will be the best mother, thus being kids love he.She always holds on to the one she loves most, and shows her appreciation through spending time with you. Sierra will go out of her way for her loved ones. This is someone you want in your life, for the rest of your life.
Sierra is very outgoing...
by Cici B January 24, 2017
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The most beautiful girl in the world, vary pretty and has a great sense of humor... loves to run and to have fun, but not vary optamistic about her self even knowing she is the most amazing, perfect firl in the world
by Joelovesyou June 27, 2017
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A sexy young lady who is has an ass-load of friends but only a hand full of bestfriends. She doesnt hang out with people to much, but when she does everybody has a great time. She loves the outdoors, love, friends, nature, music, and life. She also has a sexy ass body and loves to stay fit.
Thats so Sierra.
by eyesofnature April 18, 2013
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Sweet, Outgoing, humorous, real, strong, gorgeous. Sierra is a big hearted blue eyed beauty. She extends her hand to whoever may need it often to forgiving and tries to find the best in everyone which leaves her hurt. Nice body and even greater butt. Insults people with the truth, Very short tempered and has an attitude. Knows how to defend herself and those who mean the most to her. Gaurenteed an amazing time with her. Very subborn and hard headed. Usually endures some of the worst situations and comes out smiling. Knows how to love a man. Wife material and great in bed not quick to give it up . One of the few white girls that can dance, gets along with almost anyone. Gives great advice because she speaks from her heart. If your given the chance don't loose her she's a keeper
I need to go talk to Sierra

I miss my ex Sierra she was a keeper
by Ajaisheoysgbaiyfg October 31, 2013
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