“Who is called Alexios? Isn’t that an assassins creed character?”
“Yeah, I am the assassins creed character”
by Vassie_thy_meme_god December 25, 2021
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Usually a hot guy that is very athletic and sometimes dates girls that are older than him, An italian guy that is smart and tries hard in class, Most girls think that he is nice but can sometimes be annoying, can sometimes be a player
Did u see Alexio, he was very hot when he walked down the hallway.
by Skyler1002291 April 6, 2013
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A genuine guy who's caring & sweet & charming. He's unique and hilarious and can light up a room from miles away. He's a ninja, but a sweet ninja. &can be a teddy bear once you get to know him. He knows he messed things up at times, but he wants to change himself for the better. He likes to make people happy; He definitely makes me happy.
What's your boo's name? His name is Alexio.
by chickennugget._shai January 6, 2019
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when you fumble the ball in fooball (noun)
dude i just pulled an alexio and blew the game for my team
by fdafsdadddfds August 22, 2009
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A very hot and sexy guy. Very good and math and realy strong and big. He gets all the Asian girls and play football.
Is that Alexio Rayon Achas, he is looking fine.
by pjbjdj May 16, 2018
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20 November - In this day, everyone named Alexio has to buy you something that they want!
In 20 November aka Alexio giving me something day, Alexio gave me a washing hair machine as a gift for today!
by November 20, 2020
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