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Anjali is a kind, independent, and lovable person. She always has your back even when you didn't have hers. She has a cute smile that will light up anyone's day. She is a mature, weird and sociably awkward human being. She is a smart girl, yet to learn much more. She has a crazy personality which adds to her friendliness. Her friends admire her knowledge and perseverance. She has many stories to go along with her name.
Anjali is admirable.
by Jin_Lover_And_You_Know_It January 14, 2018
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Beautiful, intelligent and sophisticated girl. Attracts people like no one else, guys always have eyes on her and girls are always jealous. A feminine girly outside, yet strong and intelligent inside. Has very strong morals, wont cheat or stand being cheated on. Only a lucky one gets this girl, dont let her go or you ll miss out on this sexy beast in bed ;)
Damn anjali is so classy, yet still a notty hottie
by trynfindout December 04, 2011
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Hollow of hands (folding of hands in traditional Indian greeting); origin: sanskrit
Everywhere I went in India people met me with anjalis.
by Uma March 20, 2005
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Background: pushpanjali, gitanjali, shradanjali.

An offering to God
No example at this time
by S February 18, 2005
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An awesome beans person who loves animals, reading, math, and is super smart. They usually do good in the math Super Bowl too!!! Anjalis usually dOnt watch TV and that's why they have a lot of brain cells!!! (and won't get concussions) in all they are really fun people!!
Anjali was so radical today!!
by Abc def April 19, 2013
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