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an imaginary act that only exists in memes that does not involve grabbing breasts, hardcore anal, or sex without "yes daddy"
Odell: Yo dad, why aren't you pounding mom's thicc ass hard?

Dad: Well, we do gotta respect women sometimes right?
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by Papa Frankuuuuu November 08, 2017
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A common phrase used acrossed memes and messages. It means to have the upmost respect towards one of the female gender. Sometimes used as sarcasm but very unlikely.
J: Did you see what he was saying to her? He was disrespecting women
F: Respect women bro
J: Let’s show him how to respect women
by Jake Pinecone November 19, 2017
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Not making women feel unsafe in public spaces by avoiding specific actions.
Chad, dude, don’t talk to her, we’re at the gym. Respect women”
Yeah dude you’re right”
by RyanCreamer February 11, 2020
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