With this name, there’s not a set place to start. Said to be gifted with the power of a goddess, Jillian walks with a sense of power or swagger. She is completely sarcastic and witty, loving all kinds of jokes. Jillian is very protective over the ones she loves and would go to the ends of the earth with them. If you get on her bad side, she still treats you with the utmost respect for your point of view. Jillian prefers guy friends over gal friends, and really appreciates the simple things in life. She loves music with a burning passion and you may find that she is an older soul. She acts more mature than her age, but she’s able to switch back to childish youth whenever.

As for physical appearance, Jillian may be extremely self conscious, but act like she knows she’s beautiful. In reality, she is to other people. She may always see her own imperfections in her appearance and personality, so make sure you reassure her.

Jillian is strong and independent. She doesn’t need a boyfriend. She will never let a guy “have” her. She is her own, and her own, only.
“Wow. She walks like the owns this place.”
“Of course she does. She’s a Jillian.”
by Ace+Of+Spades June 18, 2019
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Is the best friend you could ever have or what if you have a Jillian keep her
New mean girl ~ Who is that
Me ~ Jillian my bff so don't you be mean to her or u will regret it
by My bff is a Jillian so September 1, 2020
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Jillian is a friend you can always go to, she's sweet, kind, and caring person that really truly cares for other people other than herself, she can and will stand up if something is wrong, shes helpful and will be there for other people , Jill the kind of person that knows how to have a good time with others, and is also very supportive with people, Jill is someone you can go to and trust, and won't stab you in the back.
Jillian is a great person to hang with.
by Bremondemon July 25, 2017
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jillian is the best friend anyone could ask for. she is sweet and funny and honest. she tells it like it is. she doesn’t lie. she cares about people and she loves people. even though she is a very good actress she does love people. she hates liars and lying. she has a great sense of humor. she is the most beautiful girl in the world. anyone would be lucky to have her.
why is jillian your best friend?

well i can’t tell you or else you’d want her too
by wow_go_smwd_ July 9, 2018
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She is a amazing,athletic, beautiful girl!! You can come to her for anything and will be there for you. In the middle of the night when your sad she will come over bring snacks and movies and will cheer you right up!
Someone: I'm so upset right now.

by 5754someonecallthePOPO December 21, 2018
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The sweetest girl in the world <3! She loves to be around her friends and family. She is also a pretty girl that loves to tell jokes.She is caring, loving, wise, and is super hyper and friendly. Her laugh is irresistible.She is the best friend in the world. She is hot and loves her guy time :) She is epic and such a boss!She is the best friend ever! Her bubbly personality is hard to ignore and she has the best smile and style in the world! She also luvs u!
Question: What is the best thing in the world?

Answer: It's a Jillian.
by Jillybean101 April 14, 2012
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The most quirky, bubbly person to roam this earth. Jillian is adorable and the best friend in the world. She will always have your back no matter what. She always has a pun ready or a quote from a book/ movie. You can always catch her singing. She has a great sense of humor and will sometimes tease you, but she's just telling you that she loves you. She has a lot of sarcasm, but that just adds to her awesome personality. If you have a Jillian, cherish her.
Person one: Does Jillian ever stop singing?!
Person two: Don't let her here you say that or else she'll tell you puns till you die!
by YourFriend1498 June 25, 2018
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