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A word to describe someone or sometimes something thats tricky, devious, sly or shady
"I'd stay away from that cunning chap..he's pretty weird"
by Maybelline February 18, 2006
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1) sly, crafty, tricky, clever in secret or underhanded dealings.
2) artful, skillful, wily, streetwise
3) cute, appealing (in very rare usage)
The con man gloated as the train carried him off. He had cunningly swindled another town into investing in a technology that didn't even exist. He really was a cunning linguist and it helped him to escape capture.
by Lorelili July 27, 2011
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A word used to describe something or someone as cute or adorable. Usually a small animal, such as a kitten or small woodland creature but can also describe a baby.
Oh, look at the small woodland creatures. How cunning!
by Mindy S. March 20, 2008
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