A word to describe someone or sometimes something thats tricky, devious, sly or shady
"I'd stay away from that cunning chap..he's pretty weird"
by Maybelline February 19, 2006
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1) sly, crafty, tricky, clever in secret or underhanded dealings.
2) artful, skillful, wily, streetwise
3) cute, appealing (in very rare usage)
The con man gloated as the train carried him off. He had cunningly swindled another town into investing in a technology that didn't even exist. He really was a cunning linguist and it helped him to escape capture.
by Lorelili July 28, 2011
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oh my god you cunning bastard, how did you get free vodka, your all cal'd out.
by The bint of justice July 16, 2006
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A west indian word for a female's Vagina.
pronounced (cunkoon)
da gyul have nice hairy cun cun.

boy a give a (her)one wood in she cun cun eh.
by Dolemite60087 September 30, 2005
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Cun Cun is a Malaysian company founded by a group of entrepreneurs with the vision of connecting communities in Malaysia via their business model - Digital Economic Community System (D.E.C.S).
Cun Cun is connecting the communities in Malaysia, gathering and reallocating the resources for a greater economic benefits for all.
by Cun Cun March 8, 2021
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Informal variation of the word cunt. Used in a more casual but mocking sense, similar to the term "hon" for honey.
by Hal Jackson November 9, 2006
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Australian style of saying 'cunt'. The letter T is not pronounced.
Oi cun' cum over ere'
Aight mate im gonna have a sheah neah, don't be a cun' alroight!
Oooohhhhhh you CUN'!
by J Ryan November 18, 2007
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