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A girl who from far away appears to be a 10, but as you get closer she quickly drops from a 10 to 5, and then even as far as a 2 up close. An unfortunate thing indeed.
"Man I was all about that ass when we were looking at her from down the road, but now I just want to call the dog warden on that 10-5-2"

"That 10-5-2 was false advertising goods she couldnt provide"
by Masternutcher August 25, 2004
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An overweight company tech guy who is in charge of fixing everything that people break. He has a strange elvis like hairdo, elastic jeans and will say incredibly sarcastic things to people including "You'd know how to fix this if you looked on the FILESERVER".
"Sy...SY...SYYYY" < Progressively louder.
by Masternutcher August 26, 2004
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A term which has strange sexual connotation but no real definition. It was created out of a drunken stupor and suggest truly revolting things. An interesting threat or insult to use on people who can't figure out what the hell it means.
"Shut up before I give you a Mexican Bandana, yeah thats right, you won't like it..."
by Masternutcher August 26, 2004
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Garment worn by people of different sexual orientations in attempts to be fashionable. When spotted, they should be yelled "Magic Bandana!" towards.
by Masternutcher August 26, 2004
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A mumbling scotsman who lives on a decrepet sailboat and speaks in completely broken english even though it is his first language. He enjoys telling incoherent stories and freaking people out with his bizarre manners and accent.
"Mungo, trim your damn nails"

"F***ing Mungo man, Mungo."
by Masternutcher August 26, 2004
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To nutch is the action of pushing or swinging somebody (usually via hammock) into or through a wall. A true nutch has been acted out when the person being nutched has slammed into the wall and broken part of it.
"Ow dude, you just nutched me into that wall"

"Shut up before I nutch you"
by Masternutcher August 25, 2004
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Something one shouts when they grab the headrest of the car or airplane seat in front of them and dry hump it until they appropriately disgust or freak out the person sitting in front of them. Actually quite amusing.
"Hiyaya!" - Usually best if yelled
by Masternutcher August 25, 2004
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