Intended or tending to mislead while calling public attention to oneself, especially by emphasizing desirable qualities so as to arouse a desire when they are untrue.
When a fat chick says that she is curvy.
When a fat chick puts a Roxy sticker on her car.
When a short guy drives a lifted truck.
by jokester October 12, 2004
When a girl(or a cross dressing guy) tries to show more chest than he/she really has ie. push up bras.
This guy: Woah are those 32Cs?

Me: You wish! That's false advertising
by Peter the Pervert February 21, 2011
A classic move to get a girl to go out with a guy. The guy ask the girl to go out with him and friends they both know (who are in on the scam). Last minute the 'extra' friends say they cannot go, leaving the pair alone.
I used the false advertising trick to get her to go out with me.
by Jesse Curtis November 6, 2006
When someone's Myspace pictures are way hotter than they are.
Guy #1: *looking at a girl's Myspace profile* Damn, she's fine!
Guy #2: Sorry mate, that's just some false advertising.
by christamay March 31, 2007
When a person dresses sluty or something then you ask to take em home and they say i'm not that way
Guy:Damn girl your fine, come home with me
Girl:What do you think just cuz im not wearing underware I'm a slut
by mark zeman June 6, 2005
also false-advertising or false advertise n. Relates to instances on the internet (particularly, but not limited to gay culture) where non-desirable looking persons promote extremely favorable images of themselves, or others, in an effort to lead the viewer into believing that that is how the sender looks on a daily basis.
I went all the way across town to hook up with that guy last night because he wanted me really badly and looked really hot online, but when I got there that fugly slut opened the door and scared the crap out of me. I told him to stop false advertising and put up some pictures that looked like him and less like Ashton Kutcher, then I went home.
by JacobKing0722 October 27, 2007
when someone or something can be misleading in a certain situation
Moms pulls into McDonald's

Girl: Hey mom are we goin to eat here?

Mom: No I gotta use the bathroom

Girl: False advertising
by Boredingplainjane July 29, 2010