From the video game Fallout 3.
The children in Little Lamplight used it as an insult to adults.
by Kait the Great January 10, 2009
Anyone involved with Rugby League be it fans, players, coaches, administrators, reporters etc. These Mungoes also tend to be incorrigible reprobates and are best avoided.
Joey Johns is just another neanderthal Mungo
by Rah Rahs August 18, 2006
A mungo is a dumpster diver - someone who looks through trash and takes out all the valuable stuff
1st Dude: Dude, your GF is such a Mungo

2nd Dude: Huh? DUDE what you talking about?

1st Dude: Yesterday I saw her going through my dumpster and taking out all my valuable trash
by ∂αмиgιяℓ♥ August 5, 2009
A mumbling scotsman who lives on a decrepet sailboat and speaks in completely broken english even though it is his first language. He enjoys telling incoherent stories and freaking people out with his bizarre manners and accent.
"Mungo, trim your damn nails"

"F***ing Mungo man, Mungo."
by Masternutcher August 26, 2004
(verb) To enhance, improve or make something go harder, faster and so forth.
Bloke (a) You should kick that ball harder
Bloke (b) Yeah, it's time to give it a little bit of mungo
by Chris Rebbeck November 20, 2013
realy realy big
quite large
bob: whats that, its realy big?!?
pat: yah, i know, its mungo
by ghetto A July 24, 2005
A dumpster driver; A person which digs for trash
That dude is such a Mungo. He went through my recycling bin the other day and took my old magazines.
by pooblah June 18, 2011