Incorrect or awkwardly structured English, usually spoken or written by non-native speakers.

Not necessarily pejorative.
She's not fluent yet, she only knows some broken English, but she's trying!
by schmeggyboo January 16, 2008
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Imperfectly spoken, as by a foreigner.
Lisa have ever went my home before, but until now ah, she no hope one, she cannot remember my address.
by fixati0n September 3, 2004
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Me who no speak it englist no good becault me no fluent in it. At leest I try and you still no understand me but you still want to sax with me anyway.
Me so sorry for my broken english but "oh me so horny, me love you long time!" (quote from 2 Live Crew- Me So Horny)
by cpetkunas May 21, 2023
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What Is?

Broken English is form of Binary which can take many long hours to know good but Broken English can teach quicker. Broken English is used for many people in New York City to jpspeak in Canal Street, where this born. Broken English purpose to collect all people on Canal Street, Black People, White People, Asian People to speak one language so no confusion, no?. Many immigrantes from my country do same ting and speak same this way. It give many benefit to us, especially to Russia and Hitler. Broken English is new very fast ... instrument ... to communicate with people that are not you and want to do something when you give money.

Broken English living here.

Broken English born in Canal Street from Michael Lecolant. He was mother. Husband was Your Mom and Your Face. This was maked when two people wasn't allowed to speak Traditional Chinese or Bangladeshian because they did not do learning for it. No homework for both of those people. Michael Lecolant used all english he knew from watching Hey Arnold and Spanish Soccer. After taking much valuabled time from both staring to each othering face, they decide to make new way of speak for each other. Much days were lost, and then Broken English was doing the speaking.
Broken English screaming word

Not Expedition but Long Journey hard task

"Look good fast pretty, baby"

~ Jack Johnson on Sex with Broken English
by kodiac1 July 4, 2006
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one who is learning English but doesn't know much.
"She is trying to learn English but shes new, but she has some Broken English!"
by BestOfDefs March 7, 2022
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