A Pimp ass mother fucker who owns bitches in different area codes
Man, after tonight i feel like a real sy.
by WelcomeToTheRiceFields April 28, 2016
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susie: i had a great day (:
stephen: k
susie: sy

stephen: i broke your guitar
susie: SY!!
by desperateforacceptance November 4, 2011
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A mint hardcore DJ who is mint
Sy & Unknown are mixin tonight!
Bloody hell!
by J January 11, 2005
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An overweight company tech guy who is in charge of fixing everything that people break. He has a strange elvis like hairdo, elastic jeans and will say incredibly sarcastic things to people including "You'd know how to fix this if you looked on the FILESERVER".
"Sy...SY...SYYYY" < Progressively louder.
by Masternutcher August 26, 2004
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a fucking dumbass that should fucking kill himself with a fucking screwdriver through the fucking urethra like omg he cant even defend fucking die bitch ass
god youre such a sy (this should be a slur)
by konjilol April 3, 2022
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God amongst all.
Rich and powerful man, unlike others.
What a rich guy Syed is.
by Philipizmo December 29, 2021
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