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Something I was looking at earlier
man, i love hot tits
by MasterX October 20, 2004
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what everyone who's cool wants
i fucking love good porn
by MasterX November 16, 2004
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My best and most favorite hobby ever
I fuck morning to noon
by MasterX November 02, 2004
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What men do when they need a hot pussy
I'm on a cunt hunt now
by MasterX November 04, 2004
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my type of women!!!!!!!!
you, get me some hookers!
by MasterX October 16, 2004
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A kick ass game that I love
Dude, you should go play Halo
by MasterX November 09, 2004
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when you cum in a pie crust
want some penis pie?
by MasterX January 02, 2005
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