A beautiful young girl who is very smart loving person and Has an Exceptional Beauty very Kind Is awesome in every way. She has a big red heart am a beautiful human being
Besy is very Beautiful
by Eli Orealla January 22, 2018
A cool person who is friends with everyone accept fake people or snitches,Besi hates them ,also know as the one who makes the difference,he doesn’t take things seriously but when he does GAME OVER
by Hehe anonymous November 9, 2018
i want to Besi
by nemo3308 September 17, 2022
She's HOTT but down to earth. She gets along with everyone except Fake People... she hates them. She's not like other girls and one of a Kind. She is fun and adventurous. She can pull off so many looks and hair styles/ colors. She's Wifey and Queen Status and her body is BANGING!!! If you have her, do everything you can to keep her.
I wish Besie was with me right now, she's the Best.
by Hello Kitty Hottie November 24, 2021
Besi is a dickhead with a very small dick. He likes to be a pussyslayer but... he cant. Besides, Besi is a worthy and loyal friend, caring boyfriend, who was raped once at his 12.
Is your name Besi because you have a small dick
by Cherry acid October 24, 2019
What your best buddy becomes after one too many glasses of wine!
I am cracking up at me besy buds comments!
by rockygirl September 19, 2008
Besi, is a girls name. She might seem far-distant but it's only a matter of time before she starts open up. She is loving even though her expression may be always stiff and collected. She prefers to sleep than go out with her friends, watch an entire series than text you back. She is usually really snobby but don't misunderstand her, she just doesn't know how to respond at you.
Guy: " Besi isn't coming tonight at the party with us? "

Girl: " No, she said she would rather sleep than go this us."
by Alexzx April 30, 2018