Non gay sex between dudes.
Yeah, my gf is outta town and I'm so fucking horny. Rob was in the same boat, his gf is off at school. So we ended up fucking to get off, it's not gay if we're not attracted to each other right? Nah, it's just sex with men.
by sexwhore December 26, 2011
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Sex toys for men come in various designs and specifications. While those who are familiar to sex toys do not find any difficulty in choosing one but beginners often find themselves in a hitch over the selection. The more the options are, the greater is the confusion. If you want to know how to choose sex toys for men, you have landed at the right place. Just give 5 minutes of your time and you will have a detailed knowledge on the matter as soon as you reach the end.
<b>Male Sex Toys</b>
Male sex toys come in two basic forms-

A) Masturbators

B) Performance boosters

The performance boosters include the penis ring which is known to delay the climax and help to last longer in bed. The ring is wear at the penis base and there is usually a vibrator attached to it. The vibrator is meant to give a pulsating thrill to the male testes or to the female clitoris during the sexual intercourse. Thus penis ring is not just male sex toy but also sex toy for couple’s fun.

When someone talks about sex toys for men, masturbators come to mind initially. Most of the sex toys for men are made super soft like the inside of a vagina. They give a realistic penetrating sensation and you can imagine yourself having real sex while you masturbate with it. The shape and the texture differ from one masturbator to another. Some are meant to be held by hand while some are meant to be hands-free. Those sex toys for men which are hands-free are most sought after like the Sex Doll for men.
While masturbators target on giving the pleasure of real sex, some sex toys for men like Auto Rotation Lover have gone an extra mile. With the auto rotation lover, you do not even have to thrust your way in and out the sex toy; all you have to do is to insert your penis into the orifice of the auto rotation lover and press the start button. The rotations make sure that you keep flying into the realm of extreme bliss until you ejaculate. Just a simple button press and you are ready to enjoy the gusts of sexual pleasure without a partner.
by Akash@sexcare September 23, 2017
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