also referred to as broomstick. a boring place, where there are no fields of brooms.
i live in broomfield.
by t-rish October 07, 2008
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This is a person who couldn't possibly get into any other educational facility so had to settle for a place at a college to do a university degree. Often people called Jonny.
Oh god Jonny, squares have 4 sides not 3, you're such a Broomfield!
by Holtsyy March 19, 2020
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Luke, an autistic fuck that enlisted. He loves Ashley but she loves Landen more.
Luke Broomfieldposted a picture on his snapchat of him taking the oathe of enlistment but quickly regretted his decision when Landen said he looked like an autistic fuck.
by Billythefaggot1738 November 20, 2016
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A high school located in Broomfield, Colorado that is known for losing the annual football game against Monarch High School.
Hey you go to Broomfield High School right? How does it feel losing to Monarch for the 4th straight year?
by footballenthusiast October 23, 2013
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