Jousting is the act of two homosexual men trying to assert their dominance. Both men having erections charge at one another penis first. Whatever man is last standing gets to have the dominate role in sex first. It is a fetish and sort of like rock, paper, scissor, shoot on decision making in bed.
Kevin: "It's my time to shine! This time I'm going to be on top!"
Brett: "Sure you will never beat me in Jousting."
Kevin: "Not this time! Get ready... On your mark get set."
Brett: "GO!!!!!"
by Doug Waldman December 2, 2013
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The polite way of describing what happens when two gay bears (humans) meet in the locker room or at the gym. Also colloquially referred as sword fighting or cock fighting. Very common amongst male ICU/ER nurses.
Weight Lifter 1: Dude, did you see what happened when those two big dudes Lance and Chris met in the locker room after a long, hard workout? No pun intended.

Weight Lifter 2: Yeah dude, it's called jousting and it happens all the time in the ER.
by Tosser of Salads June 22, 2017
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When two naked men with erections run straight at each other really fast, the first one to cry loses.
Man Bill and I were jousting so hard last night I almost split my ball sack
by serodino May 8, 2007
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As your hitting it from the back, reach around and pull back your testicles, creating a fully extended boner, and joust your way to victory.
I had to start jousting that girl last night, my regular boner wasn't doing the trick.
by RawDiggitty February 5, 2010
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Sex while standing up. The man runs as fast as he can before penetrating the women, using his penis like a lance. The women can run from the opposite direction but this is optional.
"The wife let me try jousting her last night"
"Be careful man, that can cause internal bleeding"
by Napolean Bonapert April 20, 2013
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When two circumsized men with erections smash their penis heads into each other much like rams do. The act is said to bring heightened sexual orgasm.
Eric and Mark loved getting together in the old warehouse and having a good old fashioned jousting match. Mark loved the feel of Eric's slippery slimey precum as their pee holes kissed each other.
by BATMAN1 May 14, 2008
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A competition between males, usually in clubs or bars with plenty of females (preferably not swamp donkeys) that takes being a man whore to a whole new level.
I cant believe Josh only bagged two bitches jousting last night! I know, Steven hit the bar early and ended up with six and a midget, does that count as a half?

Jousting in Phat Guys tonight would be like pouring liquid fire in my peehole!
by DaveyCurtLouis November 28, 2011
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