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Kanina Bu Chao Chee Bye
literally means fuck your mother smelly pussy
knnbccb, not happy come and fight lah!
by Marcus October 19, 2004

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An expression only found in Lancaster County, PA, meaning something along the lines of "stupid, foolish, ridiculous..." Thus, if you're not from here and hear someone say it, you know where they're from.
Quit acting so doplic!
That looks doplic.
by Marcus March 29, 2004

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(n.) feces deposited onto the ground by bovine animals. Also known as "cow flop". In a dried state, meadow muffins become "cow chips" which can be used as fuel or in throwing contests.
"I was hunting quail but slipped on a meadow muffin, causing my shotgun to discharge."
by Marcus April 09, 2004

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favorite pastime of those residing in alabama.
where's your daddy?
which one? there's uncle daddy, cousin daddy, grampa daddy...
by Marcus January 31, 2005

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The hatch in the wall where naked men come out.
Alex Emling enjoys the side hatch.
by Marcus April 14, 2005

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to relax, smoke a blunt personal time to get ya mind rite ya herd
Sup dawg what up tonite?
~ Justchillin
by Marcus March 09, 2004

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Hilarious mispelling of paedophilia or pedophilia, depending what language you are speaking.
George: I hate peadophiles!
Bob: Do you mean paedophiles?
George: Noo... I mean, people who want to fuck peas... leave me alone.
by Marcus July 29, 2004

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