To opt for a more challenging, ‘uphill’ road in a life situation, even if an easier option is readily available.
Dude! Don’t be such a pussy, turn left for once in your life.
by YbotnVag February 11, 2020
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If you are talking to someone....and they start going off for no reason and making the conversation bigger than it needs to be.... Then they TURN LEFT OR TURNS LEFT...meaning they TURN the conversation in the wrong direction...left....instead of keeping the conversation "Right".... They TURN LEFT!
Example 1: "I'm bout to go talk to her but she best not Turn Left on me"
Example 2: "what if you talk to her and she Turns Left"
by ChrisAngel January 20, 2016
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Used to describe those people who only get to experience the lifestyles of the rich and famous. pop stars, heiresses and the like. Comes from the habit of turning left into the 1st Class cabin of a aircraft on boarding.
Man, he wouldnt go to Macca's for a meal hes been turning left his whole life
by Ken the Pom February 27, 2008
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The friendly command your GPS makes before you almost drive into a lake.
@&$)!@*!!! It said to turn left!
by Sneakernets January 22, 2008
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An unexpected change in events.
"Once she drank her third drink, the evening took a left turn."
by poonuts September 24, 2011
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The tard ass left turn that a buddy of mine made on his way to get some action. The dude had just picked up the girl from her house and they were on their way to the park to "chill" until the girl said that she got hungry. My buddy knew he had to get her that medium fry because it would lead to the best results. The only problem is that this dude was in such a rush to get his that he made this retard ass left turn into McDonald's and completely cut traffic in process. That tard ass left turn didn't even pay off because he didn't even get no action later on LOL. This mf deadass basically risked his life making a left turn thinking he was gonna really get some and then only got used for free food💀💀💀💀💀
*Ray Naker and Henry following their buddy who thought he was gonna get some*
*Buddy makes a dumb ass left turn into McDonald's and fucks up all the other drivers on the road*
Henry: Wtf, tard left turn
by TurnM3Up January 1, 2021
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