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1. A hybrid of the pokemon Dratini and Charmander. It usually has a body and face shaped like a Charmander, and the blue color and balls on the tail like Dratini. It's reverse form would be a Chartini.

2. A compound of the words "Drama" and "Ender"
1. Pokebreeder: Hey kid did you know if you put a Charmander and a Dratini in daycare it gives you a Dramander? ...Well too bad it doesn't really.

2. The moderator sorted out our problems right away, what a great dramander!
by MacaroniMan July 02, 2011

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1. A potato that has gone through the process of teleportation

2. A very very uncommon term for one's buttocks.
"Dude this potato tastes a little gamma-rayish." "Yeah it's a portato"

by MacaroniMan April 28, 2011

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A pocket form of Urban Dictionary. Used by pointing it at a word, the it will gather info on it and speak to you said information. Similar to the PokeDex in Pokemon, but for words.
Go Booty! I choose you!"

"Huh? Booty? Let's see what the URBANDEX says about it..."

*Booty. The evolved form of Boot, and the final evolution of Boo. This word can mean pirate treasure, plunder or other ill-gotten gains, butt, ass specifically female posterior sex, screwing, or crap*

"Alright I'm gonna catch it! GOTTA DEFINE EM ALL
by MacaroniMan May 26, 2011

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When a bird thinks it'd be funny to unload it's excrements onto your head
Friend 1: Look at the pretty seagulls, hey let's feed this bread to-- *PLOP
Friend 2: OHHH you just got a Bird Bomb!!
by MacaroniMan August 21, 2011

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Used to describe when an assassin makes a donkey-like error
Assassinine is a combination of the words assassin and asinine
by MacaroniMan July 05, 2011

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To anger or provoke people on Instagram.

Combination of the words instigate and Instagram
Girl 1: Look at mi in dis pic guyyyzzz no makup or editing!!

Girl 2: Ur ugly whore omg duckfaces r soooo gross :/

Girl 3: Girl 2, why do you always have to Instagrate?
by MacaroniMan January 14, 2013

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1. An Eastern Native American word meaning "big and deep", which they named a bay after. These partcular Native Americans were stupid, because Chaptico Bay is obviously small and shallow, as anyone would say who's seen it.

2. The name of a town in Southern Maryland that is isolated and kind of a hidden place you're unlikely to stumble across unless seeking a hunting or fishing trip. Characterized by two types of people: the emo ones that want to hide from the world and be with nature...and the rednecks who invite everyone to a party at their house, ruining the silence of life.
1. Person 1: Hey let's go back to the Chaptico Bay to jetski! I hear it's big and deep.

Person 2: FALSE they lie. You'll hit a sandbar and fly off.

2. Person 1: Wow Chaptico is so nice, and there's no traffic or teenagers on skateboards, or black people yelling, or--
by MacaroniMan May 27, 2011

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