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To start a conflict between other people just so you can watch. Can be between friends, between enemies, or between friends and enemies. Usually involves saying "he said she said you suck!" or some other much more colorful variant. Occasionally falls under the subtle art of interpreting a comment as incorrectly as is plausible.
Drew: "Why do you look so angry, Jordan?"

Akira: "I heard someone say the other day that Jordan doesn't like you, Drew."

Drew: "WHAT!"

Jordan: "Wait, I never said..."

Akira: "...Didn't you wonder where your milkshake went the other day, Jordan? Drew stole it."

Jordan: "WHAT!"

Akira: "That's cuz Drew thinks your haircut is ugly."

Jordan: "Oh really?!!"

Akira: "...And wants to challenge you to a duel."

Drew: "Whoa Akira, why are you trying to instigate?!"
by Silver415 May 04, 2010
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