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In the sea of possible abbreviations for McDonald's, this is clearly the best one.
D: So, I was wondering and all, what d'you guys wanna do for lunch?
M: I'm thinkin McD's?
D: Nice one!
by MS March 27, 2005

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Gorgeous Red Headed Goddess
Carmen Elektra is a vanisha
by MS October 08, 2003

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The melodramatic chav/west-country variant of the word "rubbish." Wonderful.
OOOH my god, you're RUBBASH! I wanna swap you for a westlife cd!
by MS March 27, 2005

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Essentially, to porkpie someone is to ignore them (if intentional) or to simply not notice them.

The etymology of "porkpie" is as follows: In a weak attempt at improvised cockney rhyming slang, "porkpied" was used in place of "denied". That's it really. It sort of rhymes with denied.

Can be used as an interjection, a noun, a verb.. even a way of life, if you're so inclined - making porkpie a valuable addition to anyone's vocabulary.

Can be abbreviated to 'pied.

More experienced users of the word have been known to say it with an accompanying gesture - any formation of the hands, which alludes to the view through a cross-section of a porkpie, will do. A plan view of such a porkpie is generally unacceptable, however, and can even be interpreted as an insult in some circles.
J: Hey mate, how's it goin?
J: Porkpied!
M: Was I porkpieing you?
J: You totally 'pied me, you bummer
M: OK OK, no need to get eggy
by MS March 27, 2005

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The process whereby one's own plans are shunted aside to make way for what someone else wants to do. The offender's act(s) can often go unnoticed, and "snowploughed" can be uttered (most commonly as an interjection) to make them (and anyone else around who will listen) realise just how appalling their selfishness really is.
M: So you guys want to go to McD's?
All: Yeah, why not
(Enter S)
S: Let's all go somewhere completely different for lunch today!
All: Yeah, why not
M: *sigh* .. snowploughed
by MS March 27, 2005

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a paramedic who isn't worthy of his/her qualification - so completely useless you wonder why they are allowed to play ambulances
one dangerous type of person to meet when you're ill
by ms March 07, 2004

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The name of an incredibly gay website. Although, the author has an enormous shlong and has one eyebrow.
Analgravy. Scabtits.
by MS December 17, 2004

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