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a fattie, normally a man, could be from kent, and named paul
you fat bloater dave, you stretched my favourite knickers
by mrsharp July 20, 2003
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A humongous, tuba-esque, hollow, belly-based fart. A full on ass blow. First you were bloated, then you're not.
The first thing that happens when you get home after a long first date: "I was holding it in all night, so the second I walked in the door, I let the hugest bloater ever!"

... BAAARRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOMP skirt flapping in the 'wind'
by NeedsMoreSleep October 29, 2016
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a black person who signs up to vote (most likely after multiple years of not knowing how, where, or why to vote) when another black person is running as a candidate, and then votes for that black person of course without thinking.
You have never voted in your life, you're a damn bloater if you vote for obama.
by AlliAsharini March 12, 2008
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anybody who uses illegal steroids and or human growth hormone
he gained 50 pounds of muscle in 6 months. he has to be a bloater
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
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(n) a fat white woman who votes for a canditate; usually for no other reason than they find that candidate attractive.

A combination of the two words "bloat" and "voter".
In all actuality, it was not the blacks or the Latinos who put Obama into Office -- it was the stupid bloaters.


You know ... the fat, lazy, ugly, ignorant, never-held- a-job women who just sit at home and watch TV all day.

"Oh, I know the type. The ones that fantasize about Obama F-ing them, because no one else will."

You got it.
by mike87111 November 11, 2013
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