A person who enjoys hugging, and who hugs as often as possible.
My mom was never a hugger; no wonder I felt cold and lonely as a kid!
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 4, 2006
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A person generally known to hug any and everyone instead of shaking hands, including total strangers. Typically for an uncomfortably extended period of time. Most huggers live in Marin County, CA, but grew up elsewhere.
"That hugger just gave me a pelvic thrust. So not neccessary."
by cho choze March 27, 2009
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A southern term for "coozie"

Coozie: A beer holder that keeps... your beer cold. An insulated wrap that holds a can of beer. Usually made of Neophrene or styrophome (must be a Southern term)
Man my hugger keeps my beer so much colder than your coozie.
by Midnight Jackson October 14, 2011
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when your on top of a girl and her arms and legs lock onto you makeing it very hard to hump her.
you: man my girlfriend was being a hugger last night so i had to switch to doggystyle

friend: man that sucks..
by $-jay-money-$ April 9, 2010
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a man with a small unit. It is derived from the following scenario....when a girl is intimate with a guy and the first time she places her hands in his pants and she realizes that he has a small unit...your heart just melts cause you feel so bad for him and you just want to stop what you are doing and give him a hug.
Did you hear, Amanda hooked up with Dave on Friday night, she said he was a hugger?

"Oh girl, don't go home with him tonight, nice guy and all, but he's a hugger"
by Molly January 21, 2005
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Think I'll join your Tree Hugger group.
by Kippy June 27, 2016
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Someone is considered to be a 'hugger' when they bring a girl back after a night out and end up not participating is anything of a sexual nature, but instead get into bed and 'hug' all night. Although this may be considered 'sweet' by many girls, it is also a very 'Un-Laddish' act.

NOTE: This is a serious offense (Lad-Points can be deducted after several offenses)
L: Alright mate, how was last night?! Heard you left early with a girl?

H: Yeah I Did...

L: So, tell me what happened? Did you smash the gash?

H: Nah mate, we just got into bed and spooned all night.

L: Wow. Mate, you're massive Hugger.
by Mikeyb69 February 28, 2012
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