49 definitions by Luddz

Behavior in which one juggles many girls seeming at one time, but really in quick succession.
If you don't watch it, your Mambo Number 5 life may come down like a house of cards.
by Luddz May 06, 2015
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"Dude, what you're saying is a manifest abstraction, You are never going to get that girl. She's much too hot to exist in your world."
by Luddz May 15, 2015
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Obviously, "the condition of being lost," but more often in a psychological sense than in a geographical sense.
The 1970s was a decade of lostness for the American people, with wavering or obliteration of compass points they had once thought permanently fixed.
by Luddz June 09, 2015
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A musical instrument that is operated by pressing black and white keys, thereby depressing the spirits of those listening .
When she played the piano and great sadness filled the room.
by Luddz January 31, 2015
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A short journey, especially with a group of other people in a bus, to visit places that are kept secret from you until you get there; often, this is done by management of a rock band or a musical establishment -- because it sees only the bottom line in entertainment or --namely the cash value of the group.
"We were taken on a mystery tour to some charity event would rather not mention!" "They don't respect our talents, they see us as only a money cow." "I've had enough of this crap!"
by Luddz August 07, 2015
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One who willfully hides information, especially to prevent others from attaining knowledge or wisdom; also, tending to obscure, pertaining to the act of obscuring.
"Why are you being such an obscurant!"
by Luddz June 05, 2015
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