49 definitions by Luddz

To attack someone out of hiser view.
Catherine put up a decoy and then blindsighted the group with a very big lawsuit.
by Luddz June 14, 2015
"Dude, that guy's an ascob.....Well your girlfriend says so."
by Luddz May 24, 2015
Something many people obstinately believe to be fact -- even when disproved.
The flood myth is a truth many cannot live without believing
by Luddz January 31, 2015
they thought he was a cow orker, but he was just a yes-man.
by Luddz January 29, 2015
A kangaroo court is one not following established legal principles and procedures. Some groups off prisoners, for example, try their fellows and occasionally enforce arbitrary, cruel, and/or perverted punishments. In the West a comic show may be made of a kangaroo court, with "dudes" or others being tried for trivial or imaginary offenses. An authorized court may be called a kangaroo court if its procedures are highhanded, irresponsible, and of doubtful legality:.
Lynching was often preceded by trials in kangaroo courts.
by Luddz July 8, 2015
A musical instrument that is operated by pressing black and white keys, thereby depressing the spirits of those listening .
When she played the piano and great sadness filled the room.
by Luddz February 1, 2015