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A sexual act involving a man ejaculating on a womans face, and the woman then shaking her semen covered face like a dog.

Also known as The Luck Dragon.
"So what crazy shit did you get up to last night, Karly?" "Some dude came on my face and I totally nailed The Falcor".
by Luckdragon May 18, 2014
Suffix used in building offensive terms for groups of people. Generally conveys more emphasis than the root word alone.
by Luckdragon October 31, 2004
An exclaimation made by Izzy on the English version of Digimon: Digital Monsters.

Means something exciting or intellectually stimulating. Extraordinary or impressive
"You found relief carvings in the ruins? Prodigious!"
by Luckdragon February 25, 2005
In reference to Zan and Jan from the television cartoon "Superfriends", a pair of incredibly dimwitted siblings or friends.
"Sarah and Ashley are holding another wretched party."
"Let's see how the Wonder Twins have screwed things up again."
by Luckdragon October 31, 2004
An annoying trend in which a person punches another person in the arm after seeing a Volkswagon Beetle (Bug).
by Luckdragon February 25, 2005
1. Plastic or fake, like the actual material.
2. A person who is constantly attached to their cell phone
3. (rare) A film geek.
1. "Did you see Karen bragging to Aaron? She's so celluloid."
2. "I saw went through Karen's cell phone the other day and her phone book has 315 people! When did she start being a celluloid?"
3. "Marco actually held a private indie screening in his basement, he's a complete celluloid."
by Luckdragon February 25, 2005
A modification of fellatio that specifies a male stimulating a male.
"I heard Matt and Chris got up to some fellowtio last night."
by Luckdragon February 25, 2005