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The most beautiful and amazing girl anybody would ever meet. She is funny, smart, caring, athletic, and has a hot body. Karly likes long walks on the beach, but is adorably clumsy. All of her friends, and especially her lucky boyfriend, love her with all their hearts.
That Karly girl is so flippin amazing it blows my mind!
by loveyoukarly14 July 06, 2011
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The girl who dresses 80s to 90s chic but gets away with it because it looks good on her. She recites old vines and everyone loves it. She has nice beautiful thick hair, a beautiful smile, and big green eyes with strawberry blonde hair. She’s the shy one at first but then becomes your best friend.
Dude 1: Brooo look at that girl
Dude 2: mannn that’s a karly broo
Dude1: i want her
by Karlyrenee May 22, 2018
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Karly - a very fine person .. Is amazing , very gorgeous .. always keeps herself up . Has a very nice body , their body is like a Coca Cola Bottle (if u know wat I mean) fine as wine tho ,& a Karlys voice is very funny , unique , or sounding like a baby . A Karly has hoes !! Their personality & behavior is conceited to the max ! They are honest people & loyal & will give u their heart , if u take it for granted they will get revenge .
Boy : Goddamn Ma , bring dat ass here !!!

Bros : DAYUM , lemme get DAT number . Thats a Karly , I know it !
by Tyler__gotHoes January 22, 2017
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the most amazing and beautful girl you would ever lay ur eyes on, and a very lovable girl
guy 1karly is hott man
guy 2i kno huh i wish i could go out with her.
guy 3to bad guys she's my girlfriend.
by avenged sevenfold 1 April 27, 2009
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The bestest friend in the whole wide world;; also known worldwide for clever sidenotes during sometimes awkward situations. Adored by men everywhere, in later life she as well as her BFF's are expected to have hott babies with hair like sex.
That Karly is sex on legs !
by Neecolaa April 28, 2005
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Karly the best person to ever live. She fills u with joy is always the best and the most beautiful girl u will ever know if u meet a karly u u will be able to relate.
Wow look there goes karly isn't she just the most beutiful and joyfull girl u have met
by Unipigs June 09, 2019
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The most sexiest girl ever she is sex on legs her hair is brown like autum's leafs and her beauty can kill you but watch out she got back up with her girl crew basically Taylor swifts squad but karly is the only pretty one and don't even mention her boyfriend he is the nicest guy you will ever meet he loves music and so does she
Karly and her boyfriend are the cutest
by Bebe July 24, 2017
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