A small German-designed car that is a distant cousin to the Porsche. When VW began importing to the United States at the end of the 50's the Beetle was the ONLY true economy car on the market.
Commonly associated with the Hippies that drove them during the 1960's. The engine is an air-cooled opposed four (generating some cooling/ interior heating issues that can usually be overcome with a good aftermarket fan.)
It's simple design makes it an easy car to modify. (Many Dune Buggys, and kit cars are built on the Beetle Chassis.)
It's unique body design and chirping exaust note make the VW Beetle one of the most distinctive cars of the 20th Century.

Fun Facts: Translated from German VolksWagen literally means "People's Car." VW was actually comissioned by Adolf Hitler, causing some to refer to the car as "Hitler's Revenge."
Despite the fact that the origional Beetle has long been out of production in the USA, it is still possible to buy a brand new Beetle of the original body style in Mexico.
Has one of the longest production runs of any vehicle model EVER, possibly barring the Chevy Suburban.
The record for most miles driven on a Gas powered car is held by a Volkswagen Beetle. 1,000,000 on only two engines.
My aunt's sister has had that same blue '74 Super Beetle for as long as I can remeber. it still sounds as good as ever
by Talen the Twitchy January 5, 2005
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"Oh hey, is that Beetle?

Yeah they're cool as hell"
by N0iro March 11, 2021
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A heavily armoured insect with enourmous pincers that can snap small trees in half, e.g. the Stag Beetle, known for its beautiful and incredibly strong pincers which on the male is use to battle other males for a mate

Tick! tick! tick! Crunch!! Skreeeeeee!!
by Cleany May 14, 2004
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A FUGLY PERSON... very very very very very FUGLY

Yikes that bitch is a beetle




bad beetle
by TaraKaraPressli April 19, 2008
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The mid-way between a full joint and a roach.
Person 1: Ayo, ash this roach bruh...
Person 2: Nah bruh that ain’t a roach that’s a beetle!
by fatheradem December 29, 2020
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A creature named Kayla ,, light skin with a bun
Omg is that a kayla ... oh nvm it’s just a beetle
by Lovethisheartgirl December 19, 2018
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Beetle: to beetle means to take off with slight paranoia, scram, get, or run away quickly. 2: to flee the scene. 3: get the fuck outta dodge.
Hey Twitch where did the dog go? Oh she beetled off out the door. Hey I gotta bettle before your husband gets home.
by Twitchenese March 19, 2007
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