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She is a beautiful person inside and out. She'll make you laugh till you run out of breath. She is often random and rowdy but you can't help but love her anyways.Often straying from the normal things in life she likes to think outside the box, and often does. She sees things unlike any other person you will ever meet because her mind is so complex. She doesn't see things in black and white and never gives a fuck what people think of her. Although she's extremely smart she'll make you find it out for yourself, meaning you should never get on her bad side. If you make this girl angry she'll make you're life a living hell because she never losses a fight. never. Despite that she's all together a really nice person and has many friends. Everybody loves her. She's a great best friend and a better girlfriend.
Izzy is an amazing woman.
by harpydarpy January 21, 2012
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All right, why don’t you just compost me?
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A beautiful, smart, funny, amazing person to be around. When you first meet her you already want to be friends with her. Also if you try to start a fight, roast battle, etc with her don’t hope to win she will beat you (just to let you know). Overall she is an awesome angel/Oueen/Girlfriend/ and friend:)
Izzy will you marry me when we’re older?
by Koreyisnotcool October 25, 2018
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Izzy is the most amazing friend you could ever ask for, she is smart, funny, interesting, friendly, caring, beautiful and the biggest cutie pie ever! You can keep a conversation with her going for months and she'll always be there when you need her! Don't mess her around and you'll have the best friend you could wish for. You can tell a Izzy anything and she will never tell anyone because she is such a loyal person!
Person 1 - I met this really nice girl, she is really cool and I can tell her anything!
Person 2 - Must be an Izzy!
by I<3Izzy :D June 30, 2012
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She is the most beautiful person you will ever meet. She is kind and you can tell her anything. She won't judge and she'll always be on your sideπŸ’“πŸ’“
Izzy is pretty sick
by Supppppboiiiiii--it's me July 12, 2017
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perfect, pretty person that you will ever meet, the best friend that had forever. LOVE YOU IZZY
by katie112 October 24, 2011
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She is an amazing girl, very attractive. She has a nice body type. She often gets comments on her butt . She go for any type of boy that is good to her. She will listen to a lot of types of music but pop will be her favorite. She is very annoying and can be weird but everyone will love her. Well mostly everyone because everyone has one person they hate and for some people it might be her. She is very kind, can be generous if she wants, she is also very obvious to her crushes. So if you have a crush on her then watch out for what she does because you can tell easily with the way she acts. In a crown you can't miss her. She is really beautiful and if you missed her you have missed you chance. She is gone.
Izzy is so pretty!
Izzy is one of a kind.
Izzy has very many friends.
by Cassandra Johnson ;) November 20, 2018
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