A fun guy who everyone loves. Everyone wants to be his friend because he is so cool. A natural leader who becomes class president, captains of varsity sports, or just a straight up trend-setting badass. Most people would think he is a douchebag but he is a kind, caring dude
Random person 1: Zan is so mean! He just jumped a guy with the football team!

Random person 2: No he didn't, I saw him save a guy from getting bullied by the football team.
by Peaton November 22, 2019
Probably one of the most kindest guys you’ll ever meet, if he genuinely likes you. He’s super attractive. Most likely music obsessed. He probably fears getting hurt in relationships. Needs that one person to make him truly happy. Overall a great person. Most likely eats a lot. ATHLETIC! Funny asf. A SWEETHEART.
I love Zan because he’s super sweet to me!
by DefGod42 October 2, 2020
Zan is a unique person and a great friend! She is lovely to be around and is hilarious! She loves playing video games and doing tennis or golf. She is very creative and likes to doodle. She is a great person to be around!
GUY: Zans my bestie!
GIRL: She is my bestie!
by Cookietookie November 24, 2017
Another slang name for Xanax (Alprazolam).
Soulja Boy - Zan With That Lean

"I'm in that Zan with that Lean
Smoke nuthin but Irene
Them hoes going crazy when I'm on the scene"
by cfcjeff5 April 23, 2011
A guy who seems like a rambunctious dick on the outside, but when you get to know them, they become super friendly and fun. Loads of girls like them but those girls are afraid to reveal it.
'Who's that dude over there? He looks like an idiot!'
'That's Zan. He's actually super nice.'
by goddem6969 November 1, 2018
The descendants of an ancient warrior race, legends among his peers where the title of "Zan" was granted to the one who triumphs above all who dared enter the jungle. The trial of the ages required one to break a coconut upon his head, then wrestle a giant snake to submission with nothing but his bare hands. One talented individual even went so far as to best the Sabertooth tiger with just a rock, though that has not yet been confirmed yet.
by The one who knows nothing June 30, 2020
referring to something raw, sic, blazzin, mad cool.


to be completely specified and realistic....

its the new 'cool' for 2009.

straight up playa.
**while playing apples to apples**
when you have no cards to throw down, or simply are carrying a 'fill in the blank' card.....

when in doubt . use ZAN!!


dood nig; that party was ZAN!
by WhitneyBecker January 22, 2009