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This is also formerly known as 'commerical' for those too lazy to type or say the entire word completely. Motivations include being, again, lazy, busy, or just annoyed by the incessant amount of commericals in general.
I really like this old commersh. It warms the cockles of me heart.
by LostFido January 25, 2021
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A common flub by over-excited news anchors when they really mean 'Administrative Official'. There is a connotation, however, that the administrative officials are being racist.
Trump proved tonight that he was an administracial when he described Haiti as being a sh**-hole country.
by LostFido January 11, 2018
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When you're bored but addicted to coding. And hunting for sample problems to code quick fixes.
I'm surfing Quora because I'm progbored.
by LostFido January 25, 2021
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An abstract plan with positive intentions that is publicized from high-level executives and never ever actually gets a green light to be implemented by anyone. But everyone uses it to avoid doing extra work on the platform.
The micro fixes that normally would be pushed to the customer-facing system are on hold due to the hopeful bullshit.
by LostFido February 10, 2018
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The act of extolling or promoting the benefits of someone else's bullshit idea to the point of looking like a total fool.
Sarah Huckasplain was hucking up a bee with regard to Trump's tax cuts for the middle class.
by LostFido January 23, 2018
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The act of several twats in aiding and abetting an individual that everybody knows is an assclown.
You can tell that trumpoonery is still in effect by Pence's and Ryan's shit-eating grins during the State Of The Union Address (SOTUA).
by LostFido February 06, 2018
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