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A someone that has great sense of honesty, would never let you down, would always have faith in you and would love you in any source of reason. Has a great sense of humor and gives the best advice for any life situation. Karine is beautiful inside and outside. She will be the main event in any highlight of life and party.
Dang! You be so honest, you pulling Karine right now.
by Goonies1313 August 30, 2010
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Karine means 'the most beautiful girl on the planet'
You must have a very good reason for calling your daughter Karine
by Karine December 17, 2003
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French or Armenian origins meaning "Pure" or "Beloved Friend". Russian version is "Karina" and German version is "Karen". It is pronounced either "KE-REN" or "KA-REEN". Come to mean a quirky dark comedy-esque eccentric girl because of popular famous "Karines" in media.
Karine Gambier - European adult film star
Karrine Steffans - The Vixen Diaries author

Karine Polwart - Scottish Folk music singer
Karine Minzon Wilson - Brazilian fashion designer
Karine Ruby - French Olympic champion snowboarder
by ClareJ June 16, 2009
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Verb: When you are trying to leave work for lunch or the end of the day and your boss stops you to ask you about a file or some irrelevant subject for an extended period of time.
John: Where were you, we were supposed to go on lunch half an hour ago!

Tim: Sorry man, I got Karine'd!

John: Oh man, that sucks!
by Rabo Karabek August 30, 2010
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Whiny girl who is never satisfied with anything or anyone and prefers to bitch and moan about everything and anything instead of taking action and trying to solve her problems. Her non-verbal makes you feel like she is going to kill you any second. Has major communication issues and blames everything on others because in her opinion, she is always nice to everyone and smiles all the time. She is also self-centered and mean.
Karine: *Fails a test* DIEEE HUMANITY. ITS YOUR FAULT.

Pierre: No. You didn't study or do homework for that test. Its your fault.

by KonataIzumi April 04, 2011
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