A platform which was once a go-to place for answers, but now is so riddled with pseudo-intellectuals that it is absolutely worthless now, and can be compared to a dilapidated public urinal.
I had four beers man, I need to take a leak, is there a quora around here, somewhere?
by mistermiyagi October 18, 2020
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A site once good a filled with smart people who actually knew what they where talking about. Nowadays the site has gone to shit and is filled with trolls asking weird ass question and creeps how like to get into other people’s business and is filled with opinionated people with their heads up their ass
Me: hmmm quora sounds interesting

Also me: *sees a question asking if I ever fucked my grandpa* oh hell no
by Truthfulasshole August 23, 2020
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A shitty website where idiots ask stupid questions and get likewise stupid and long-winded answers about what is considered "appropriate" by people claiming authority.
To get the gist of Quora,

"Is it rude to interrupt people?"

"Well, according to the research conducted by Phillip Samuel Carruthers (Ph.D.) in 2017 at Cambridge University, in an experiment to assess social acceptability vs. impoliteness, it was ultimately determined that interrupting a conversation without saying a proper "Excuse me" or "Pardon me", or even "I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation", was considered extremely rude, offensive, and inappropriate. These three bases for trial were comprehensively compared to talking to somebody in a conversation whilst omitting a proper conversation starter. In some cases, people actually indicated that speaking without this proper introduction was "very rude", often with anger elicited as the conditioned response. In all four potential trials, the question was "Do you enjoy purple?".

Personally, as a member of Politeness International (1987), as well as the Societal Center for Advancement of Manners (SCAM) (2003), I would absolutely say that interrupting any conversation PERIOD is a major violation of social norms in any society, and it should never be tolerated, as it is very inappropriate. If anybody even considers interrupting your conversation, always either ignore them, or say "Please, I'm having a conversation as you can see. Thank you."
by Space Wrangler July 31, 2021
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A website filled with pseudo intellectuals, unfunny teens, and insecure Indians who can't stop asking about what foreigners think of their country, their chances of finding a white girl, and why Pakistan is the devil
Did you Sukhdeep ask about his chances with a white girl on Quora? What a pathetic incel
by averagekeyboardwarrior November 21, 2018
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A site where it's residents are overly obsessed with Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. Even more than said persons' families.
An average Quora question: Have you ever met with a celebrity?

I met with Steve Jobs in a coffee shop. After I give him a blowjob in coffee toilet he told me to buy an iPhone.
by mhmdv June 26, 2018
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Where college professors go to flaunt their IQs by answering in ridiculously long, thought out and planned theses. It's also a safe-haven for trashing out every other Q&A website; e.g. yahoo, or practically any other place on the Internet. Not to mention, it won't take you long to find someone with a serious mental illness, but it WILL ultimately make you question your humanity and your sanity. In the end, it's not that bad, but don't be surprised by the horrible people you'll find in no time.
Billy: Should I use Quora or Yaho-
Billy: *Backs away slowly*
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A site that used to be a good place to get information but is now filled with misinformed assholes, Karens, Shitposters, Pedophiles, And awful fucking moderation that will remove your post for the stupidest shit.
Yo, You use Quora? Wow what a fucking disaster.
by Random person behind a LCD February 25, 2022
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