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A website filled with pseudo intellectuals, unfunny teens, and insecure Indians who can't stop asking about what foreigners think of their country, their chances of finding a white girl, and why Pakistan is the devil
Did you Sukhdeep ask about his chances with a white girl on Quora? What a pathetic incel
by averagekeyboardwarrior November 21, 2018
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Where college professors go to flaunt their IQs by answering in ridiculously long, thought out and planned theses. It's also a safe-haven for trashing out every other Q&A website; e.g. yahoo, or practically any other place on the Internet. Not to mention, it won't take you long to find someone with a serious mental illness, but it WILL ultimately make you question your humanity and your sanity. In the end, it's not that bad, but don't be surprised by the horrible people you'll find in no time.
Billy: Should I use Quora or Yaho-
Billy: *Backs away slowly*
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A place for (pseudo) intellectuals to come and be pretentious.
You need some answers? You shouldn't check Quora then.
by topple November 15, 2014
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The internet's self-conscious act of intellectual validity and authority. Unsurprisingly primarily self-centered and authoritarian instead of rational.
Some of the more objective or positive entries might at first make one assume that most people there are not just as insufferable as anywhere else and like any community on the internet, albeit maybe at the same time with an even more all-encompassing entitlement and smug self-satisfaction.
And assume that the triviality of most of the questions would be self-aware and not lost on most of the people.

Highly restrictive, not only in the artificial question and answer format, but also the ultra-strict length limitations and rampant auto-correct functions, Content Review and straightforward censorship.

Moderation is more concerned with keeping up appearances than with moral tasks, consistency and transparency. Sanctimonious, arrogant, prejudiced and irrational and with a cult-like devotion to their brand and policy taken literally and subjectively.

Actual psychopaths, either self-proclaimed in order to effectively show off or those whose practices are harboured there, are the hipsters of the place.
Your mom recently found quora and now thinks she is one of the coolest, most elite people around.

Quora is giving me the habit of thinking only in questions and and not on my own anymore, and making me think I should follow every response like scripture, simply because it's on Quora.
by felixh November 08, 2016
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A Q&A website devoted to far-left propaganda, extreme atheism, and hating all Republicans, Christians, and anyone who is not a feminist. The site is a raging cesspool of self-proclaimed intellectuals who believe thesaurus-abuse makes them sound smart. Quora is a place with extremely restrictive moderation; in other words, they censor the shit out of anyone who they don't agree with. As Quora moderators have the power to remove questions, delete and edit answers, and delete users entirely, a Quora has developed a culture of deleting and censoring anyone who does not agree with the herd.

The site is a breeding ground for prententious assholes to brag about how high their IQ is and how many college classes they've taken. The result is a gigantic pissing contest of self-centered IQ worship and a competition for who has the most credentials, and anyone who has an opinion but didn't go to MIT or Harvard for 12 years gets downvoted into oblivion and censored by the moderators for not being intellectual enough.
"Hey man, have you ever tried Quora?"
"I did! I used it for two days but my account was deleted because I said I wasn't a liberal."
by ElegantMonkeyMan February 15, 2018
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A place people think is a calculator.
"Man, I'm tired of all these people on Quora asking 'What is the square root of 20?' and trash."
by ๏ฟฐ January 15, 2019
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Site full of left-wing nuts who scream "patriarchy" if you disagree with a woman.
Quora User (Female): 1+1 = 3

Quora User (Male): Um, I actually think it's 2...

Everyone else: Male chauvinist pig! Stop feeding the patriarchy!
by bitcoin987 July 22, 2016
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