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A form of journalism where in some countries the journalist returns in a box. As the writer of Cabbie Homicide with a blog entry shared a link about those who are whistle blowers as they speak out against corruption. This form has a much darker side, as these journalists have to have the stones to get in the heads of convicted killers, rapists, infant-rapers, and face down cults. There's no funeral plan for investigative as their severance pay is often paying for a coffin and their proper funeral in certain countries.

The Cabbie Homicide combined macabre elements of Gothic Horror, strong language of Gonzo Journalism and the dialog driven narrative then drew from the Glenbard East newspaper that covered the subjects upon a month before he graduated. He later found the articles covered by Chicago Tribune's Art Barnum which he was reporting on the subject for a good part of a year. Tampa Bay Times had a report on L. Ron Hubbard's brood as they addressed mental illness on a local level. It was noted he did this entirely from memory though some accused him of being a fabulist until he said the subject was in his 7th grade homeroom at Marquardt. August Derleth introduced a fictional investigative named Tex Harrigan in the 1950s as the comic strips had Brenda Starr as the comic was featured in The Chicago Tribune.
Investigative journalism within the realms of wordpress bloggers is a way to fight back with those who are fanfiction writers who guise themselves as journalists and cite their sources as Encyclopedia Dramatiaca and Fandom Wank. The Cabbie Homicide writer points out to those who write in the fandom of Early Edition that the original writer employs techniques of narrative journalism into the framework of the fictionalized Chicago Sun-Times.
by ilinoishorrorman January 17, 2018
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