43 definition by LordBlunkey

Pierced nipples...
Erm, how am i going to "examplify" this?
by LordBlunkey June 16, 2004

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stuff that is scary...
Cows. Do they want to be any bigger? And they just sit there, being big, and eating grass. What are they thinking?
by LordBlunkey June 21, 2004

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One who believes in Santa beyond the age of 6 or 7 years old
My cousin, Jimmy, is 12 and still believes in Santa. What a Santanist.
by LordBlunkey June 12, 2004

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much like regular pissflaps but an entertainly disturbing offshoot.
a woman has been working out in tight clothes. imagine the sweaty pissflaps. *shudders*
by lordblunkey March 05, 2005

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A party where nothing is happening
"like dudes, this places is so Yawnsville..."
by LordBlunkey June 24, 2004

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Well, a term that is used to insult someone who is very pretentious, and seems to think the world revolves around her.
Becky. Who i hate. For a number of reasons. Including the fact she is "little miss high and mighty".
by LordBlunkey July 25, 2004

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to move somewhere
Billy: Liz tooled off to London
Arthur: And she tooled back. I saw her this morning!
by LordBLunkey June 18, 2004

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