43 definition by LordBlunkey

Means the same as diddly squat but sounds funnier. Also appears on "Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow"
Craig: How much you got there?
Lar: Diddly Squit
by LordBlunkey June 16, 2004

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The path by the front of chaz's house. Past the scary river bend. Its a long path with lights beside it, and at night its misty and looks like it stretches on to infinity. Doesn't really exist during the day.
One of the nicest places in the world, albeit a bit cold.
by lordblunkey September 29, 2004

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THe process of wanting to slap someone, but being elsewhere, and so you summon the VIRTUAL SLAP! You simply go *VIRTUAL SLAP COMMENCE* and the other person becomes slapped. However, it can fail if the slappee decides to "reject" the slap
Oli: Hey Scott, you're really orange!
Oli: Ow!
by LordBlunkey June 09, 2004

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a person who's fat seems not to belong to them.
"Look at that flubbawubba! He stopped moving 5 minutes ago, but his fat hasn't!"
by lordblunkey August 25, 2004

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I never got this program. Cpatain Scarlet was invincible, yet, he didnt just go and kick butt... And another thing, the enemy (the mysterons) were so FRICKING stupid! They came up with a cunning plan, but would then phone up the "good guys" to give them a "clue" which they would always solve, "just in the nick of time"
Captain Scarlet, He's Invincible...
by LordBlunkey June 16, 2004

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To show confusion
Kim: wot u say to her bout thing other day?
Lar: meh?
by LordBlunkey June 16, 2004

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much like blapse

general rudeboy speak for punch
rudey1: da fuck?
rudey2: u betta believe it. i'll fuck you up!
rudey1: nah mate. leave it out.
rudey2: one call, i get my boys down. they'll sort you out.
rudey1: shut it. i'll blepse you up.

*sigh* bloody rudeys.
by lordblunkey February 20, 2005

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