A Taylor Swift album that came out in December of 2020. One of the only good things to come out of the COVID pandemic. It's predecessor album is folklore, which is also really good.
have you heard evermore yet, it's sooooo good
by idk but umm yeah March 17, 2021
something that last for ages, with no end
battle of evermore
by Vash October 23, 2003
interviewer: why did you make evermore?
taylor: what?
by olivia bensonola April 18, 2022
an album that deserves 'Album of the year'.
no need to explain, evermore is worthy of praise.
by WilliamBowery13 April 11, 2022
So much cooler than belth (see belth).
Probably the coolest there is..
"Man you are just like Evermore!"
by EWFC September 22, 2003
awesome aussie band that sing the songs "for one day" and "it's too late"
"for one day" was played on an OC ad!
by nicky March 17, 2005