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hot snazzy fit lovely fxcking ace wonderful A person with a lovely character, a huge heart, and a very large number of friends. He is very talented and is loved by all. He is very good at acting and is well wicked yo. ;
1. Yo, you see that Calum, I well love him
2. He's a total Calum. He's perfect.
3. That guys so good at drama, almost as good as Calum..NAAHH
by Alicia Burnett May 20, 2008
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A really laid back character. Tend to be the most loyal guys around, and despise cheating. Very big-hearted. Very loyal aswell, relationship or friendship you can always trust these to stick with you to the very end no matter what happens. Tends to watch girls go and never see them come. (Basically a figure of speech representing the fact they never see girls wanting them and only ever sees them walking away from them). Really easy to get along with and funny. Whilst they may not be the attractive they will always be the best in a relationship. Extremely shy and attempts to avoid public speaking in big groups.
by Dianakapa October 23, 2013
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Hottie beyond hottie. An absolute adonis. Unfortunately Calum's are aware of this fact and have been known to radiate towards mirrors like moth to a flame. But once resigned to the fact that wherever there's a mirror, there's a Calum, you can really begin to appreciate what amazing people they are on the inside. Loyal, sweet, secret cuddle monsters, with a catch-you-off-guard kind of sense of humor. Sometimes you just wish they knew how great they were on the inside instead of just the outside.
"Stop being so Calum you've already been in front of the mirror for like two hours!"
by Messilythebestily November 29, 2013
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Kind fun to be around great personality always looking to volunteer
by Callyp12 October 15, 2013
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General Fitty! Tends to be really good in bed and has the biggest penis for his age. As soon as you see Calum, you fall in love with his dreamy eyes straight away, he’s body is amazingly toned and he is not afraid to tell you his feelings. Might drop a dick pic or two, but with a simple snapchat you can fall in love with Calum instantly. His dirty talks send girls insane and make them want him even more. He’s not afraid to do anything with girls and is generally a straight lad. If you get calum, he will treat you like a princess and make sure all you’ve ever wanted is catered for. Even though his dirty mind will drive you insane he is the gentleman of the block. Although Calum may act like he likes you at times, sometimes he’s just using you for a bit of fun so be careful. Every girl wants calum. He’s just so perfect!
Chelsea-“Hey louise, have you seen Calum around today?”
Louise-No but you should have seen the snaps he sent me last night. Pure sexiness! I think I really like him this time.”
by Chelsea A.x April 14, 2019
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An epic gamer that is forever alone and depressed mainly sits in a dark room playing super smash bro's ultimate or persona 5 while drinking 2 cans of coke a day and rarely sleeps.
"Sir I'm sorry you have calum"
by mywifeleftmehelp February 5, 2019
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A male's name. Usually very good looking and intelligent.
Wow Calum is so hot! Did i mention he is smart too? I am totally going to ask him out!
by Injxred October 26, 2019
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