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one of the most amazing bands ever... kinda like the Foo Fighters but a bit more chilled and emo.. good music about real emotions... they dont receive the praise they really deserve. very kool and very hot!
Screaming Infidelities is the best DC song ever!!
by lola February 11, 2005
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long haired drunk still living in the 80's, wears tight acid washed jeans and drives a red Z-28
by lola August 24, 2003
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Someone that just doesn't stop trying to be funny, and never relents in their childish games.
My brother, Gabe, is a total butthead, for he never is nice.
by Lola August 13, 2004
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Adjectival Noun/Adj./Intransive Verb.

Adjectival Noun: someone who acts childishly, immaturely, and bitchy, though he or she is a legal adult.

Adj: 1. Puerile; immature; childish though legally adult.
2. Bitchy, clearly overcompensating for lack of intelligence and security.

Int. Verb: To act in any of the above ways.
Adjectival Noun: "Why are you being such a saphy?"

Adj.: 1. "That was the most saphy thing you could have done, brat."
2. "I can't believe she did such a saphy thing. I hear Jane cried all night."

Int. Verb: "Yeah, bitch, don't saphy me."
by Lola June 24, 2004
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Found on road dead.
by lola October 09, 2002
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what you say to someone when you just get in a fight with them and you try to make it up so u say this
Hey ex-best friend lori
by lola April 14, 2005
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How Kanye West looked like when he looked through the wire.
"....Just imagine how my girl feel on the plane ,scared as hell that her guy looked like Emitt Hill...."
by Lola July 20, 2004
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